To be honest, we were a bit dubious when we were first asked to test this product developed by Ms. Trish King from the Humane Society in Marin County, CA. But after using it with our Dalmatian as well as our clients’ dogs we changed our minds. The first time we used it, we were able to easily walk Ashley with our friends’ three dogs, when normally she is quite aroused around other dogs.

The Calming Cap™ is made from a stretchy, comfortable material and looking through it is like looking through blue gauze. Dan describes it as similar to trying to see under low-light conditions.

The single-panel sheer fabric window does NOT act like a blindfold, but filters your dog’s vision, reducing the impact of visual stimuli and decreasing your dog’s reaction to them. Dogs we’ve used it with can still see well enough to go on walks and play fetch. Ashley has hiked with it on.

Dog using calming cap to reduce fear Puppy using calming cap to relax

We’ve used it in many contexts: to help introduce dogs to one another (and to cats) and as an aid to resolving conflicts between them; to reduce dogs’ arousal in the car (what Trish originally designed the product for); to help dogs tolerate nail trims and veterinary exams; as an aid when introducing fearful or threatening dogs to people, and any time we want to reduce a dog’s arousal or anxiety.

Most dogs accept the Cap™ easily and it is easy to fit. If you order the wrong size, we will gladly exchange it as long as you return it in un-used condition.

You can purchase one for your pup at Amazon.