Are you looking for a new way to keep Fido from running off with the neighborhood squirrel? Tying them to a leash all day seems too constricting. Building a fence may not even be an option. Then the invisible dog fence may be your solution.

What Are Invisible Dog Fences?

 Also referred to as electric dog fences, invisible dog fences help keep your dog within a set boundary of your yard just like a regular fence would. They come in two types; in-ground or wireless. Invisible dog fences are considered a more freeing alternative to traditional fences too. An electric dog fence provides your dog protection while still letting them feel free enough to enjoy the view. They are easy to set up and maintain. 

How They Work

Here is how they work. Your dog will be wearing a special collar that communicates with the set-up perimeters you set up on your property using either an in-ground or wireless signal. Flags are used to create a visual mark and help train you and your pet to know where their new perimeter limits are. Whenever your dog goes out of those bounds, its special collar will produce a warning sound. If your dog proceeds to go further, the collar emits a static shock of correction.

Best Invisible Dog Fences to Keep your Dog Safe

Now that you have a little know-how about invisible dog fences, let’s look at the best in-ground and wireless invisible dog fences available.

  1. Pet Safe YardMax Underground Pet Barrier

This in-ground invisible fence system with 1/3-acre coverage gives you 500ft of wire to do so. It delivers five levels of static correction to suit your pet, and if your pet does break over the boundary, it will allow your pet to reenter without any return shock. The collars will fit neck sizes of 6inches to 28inches.


  • Can work outside and inside (Used to keep pets off furniture.)
  • You can purchase additional collars for multiple pet owners.
  • The collar is rechargeable


  • Collars are delicate and can break easily.


     2. PetSafe Wireless Containment System

Don’t want to hassle with digging and wires? Then go with PetSafe’s Wireless Containment System. Instead of wires, it uses a transmitter unit that will send a circular 17.5 kHz radio signal broadcast barrier around your residence. When your canine friend approaches that blocked perimeter, it will get a sound warning followed by a static shock if they still proceed. The five-choice static correction option lets you set your correction zap to fit your dog. Works best with pets 8lbs and up.


  • Waterproof collar receiver
  • Easy install
  • Automatic shut off if your pet does happen to get past the boundary so it can reenter safely.
  • It’s portable
  • Purchase of an additional collar can let you protect more than one pet.
  • You can adjust the diameter range of your perimeter.


  • It only creates a circular perimeter boundary, not a square, which might be limiting for some.
  • The collar can interfere with electronic devices inside the collar and is not removed when your pet returns inside.


        3. Invisible Fence GPS 2.0 Wireless Dog Fence

The most hi-tech of all pet containment systems, the Invisible Fence GPS 2.0 system, uses the power of GPS satellite to set up the boundary for your pet with your pet wearing a unique GPS collar. It is so hi-tech that an Invisible Fence GPS specialist will come to your home to install the program on your computer.  Invisible Fence GPS 2.0 gives you complete control over setting up your perimeters as you see fit. There are no limitations. Like all invisible fences, GPS 2.0 uses sound to warn your dog first, then follows up with a static shock if he does not heed the warning.


  • Works on all terrains.
  • It allows you to create smaller dog-no-go-zones.
  • Works inside and outside.


  • Kind of pricey
  • Not available in all areas
  • You can only order from Invisible Fence directly.


       4. Dogtra E-Fence 3500

 A top-notch underground electric fence can cover up to 40 acres of freedom for your dog to roam freely while still being safely contained.  The Dogtra E-Fence 3500 features adjustable signal width and a filtering system to protect yourself from outside influences. It also features a vibration correction-only mode as well as a stimulation correction mode. Target works well for smaller dogs, 10lbs or less.


  • It has a wire break alert feature that will alert you to any broken wiring.
  • Waterproof receiver with a waterproof rating of IPX9K
  • It has radio and electrical filtering systems to block out unwanted interferences.
  • It comes with 500 ft of wire.


  • It is said charging time can lag.
  • Only hold a charge for 2 hours.
  • Said to not to work on dogs 10lbs or larger. (Customers have said it can fit larger dogs fine.)


      5. SportDOG In-Ground Fence System

SportDOG is a well-known brand in the market for producing high-quality gear at an affordable price. Easy to set up, the kit starts you with 1/3 acres of coverage with the option to expand up to 100 acres by purchasing more wire and flags. SportDOG also uses tones and vibrations to warn your pet if they approach the barrier line. If your dog proceeds further, the collar will switch to a static stimulation and only at the specified level you set.


  • It can be customizable to be used with multiple dogs (by buying additional collars).
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 25ft.
  • The collar is rechargeable.
  • Long battery life (up to 1-2 months)
  • Seven levels of static stimulation to choose from
  • Has power surge protection


  • An intensive training period is required, so be sure you have the time.


Safety Measures/ Precautions/End Results

Remember, if installing an in-ground electric dog fence, call your utility provider to have the utility lines on your property marked before you do any digging. Also, e-fence dog collars should not be worn for extremely long periods, whether you are using in-ground or wireless-type fences, as they can lead to skin irritation. No more than two hours is recommended, and if longer, try to adjust the collar to another spot to help alleviate any irritation from forming.