You might have heard people arguing about whether grooming is necessary. Some would say that if the dog’s coat looks fine, why should you bother maintaining it? However, the benefits of dog grooming aren’t simply about your doggy’s appearance. In grooming your furry friends, you’ll rid them of harmful parasites and prevent illnesses, saving your pocket from costly veterinary visits!

In this article, we’re discussing the importance of grooming to your dog’s health. Let’s talk about dog grooming services and why you should have your dog groomed professionally in 2024.

What is Dog Grooming?

Simply put, dog grooming is the practice of cleaning your pet. It involves washing, styling, and other grooming techniques to keep your pup looking neat and clean. Grooming keeps your pets healthy. It makes them look and smell good, promoting healthy coats and skin by removing dead hair strands and bacteria. It’s also an excellent opportunity to teach your dog some essential grooming habits. Think about how satisfying it is to brush your teeth regularly and how it helps prevent dental cavities in the future. In a way, grooming works similarly for our furry friends.

What Happens in a Dog Grooming Session?

Many dog owners prefer to groom their pets at home. But taking them to a professional grooming salon can save time, energy, and patience. Let’s look at what you can get from a grooming service.

Brushing the Coat

Brushing your dog’s coat is a vital part of its grooming routine. Your dog’s coat needs brushing every few days, depending on its breed and hair length. It may seem simple, but sticking to a regular brushing schedule is an all-time struggle for some dog owners. Luckily, it’s a service offered in pet grooming salons Professionals have special brushes to untangle the most tangled furs, removing matted strands and dead hairs and promoting the growth of new and healthy follicles.

Bathing the Pet

If you’re too busy to bathe your pet, a dog grooming service will take care of it for you—from the simplest tasks like washing the ears to icky jobs like expressing anal glands. A good dog grooming salon will have shampoos that suit any coat and skin type. As such, you won’t have to worry about skin sensitivity and allergic reactions for your pet. Professional groomers can effortlessly spot parasites harming your animal. And they have the tools to efficiently remove pests, ticks, and fleas from your pup compared to doing it yourself!

Trimming the Coat

Some long-haired pups need frequent trimming as they grow too quickly and can become matted just as fast. Some examples of these dogs are breeds like bichon frisé, poodle, puli, and komondor. Groomers will shave, trim, or clip your furry friend’s coat when necessary. They’ll use special clippers to cut away mats, knots, and dead hair to keep the overall coat neat and healthy.

Clipping the Nails

Clipped nails are a sign of good hygiene for pets. But it also serves plenty of practical and health benefits for canines, so groomers pay special attention to trimming them. Untrimmed nails are unattractive and dangerous. Pets with long nails can develop arthritis and ongoing pains caused by the pressure it puts on the legs and feet. Veterinary professionals use a variety of clipping tools for dog scratchers. They use spring-loaded scissors, plier-style, or guillotine clippers, depending on the thickness of the nails.

Professional dog grooming services in use

Benefits of Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally

Still debating whether you should take your dog to a grooming professional? Here are some benefits of regular grooming salon visits you should know about:

Maintains Coat and Skin

Regardless of breed and hair length, taking your furry pet to groomers can improve fur quality and condition. A good brushing habit eliminates harmful debris and dirt lurking underneath. It also helps the coat look shinier by spreading the natural oils on the pup’s coat. Apart from the coat, a professional can detect irregularities on your pet’s body. They can identify parasites, lumps, bumps, and other skin conditions that can harm your canine’s health.

Prevents Ear Infection

Ear infection is a common ailment for dogs and most pets. According to the American Kennel Club, one in five dogs suffers from some form of ear disease. This staggering statistic means your dog isn’t safe from such infections. Removing the dirt and gunk that collects inside your pet’s ear is crucial to preventing ear diseases. In addition to that, your groomer can trim unnaturally long hairs inside the dog’s ear, causing the buildup.

Corrects Bad Posture

Nail length is an often overlooked aspect of dog grooming. But as you know, nails that are too long cause posture problems for your furry friend. Long nails result in a discomforting and painful feeling for your pet’s feet. Over time, they could change their walking posture to accommodate their nippers, leading to bad posture and other severe bone and muscle issues.

Here’s a helpful tip: If you observe your puppy’s nails touching the ground, it’s a sign you need to get them trimmed. Take them to the nearest grooming salon to prevent poor posture from developing.

Keeps Home Clean

As we said before, your dog’s cleanliness affects your health. Keeping your pet groomed and clean is a surefire way to ward off zoonotic infections from your home. While rare, zoonotic infections are illnesses transmitted from animals to humans. You can get it from close contact with your dog. Such health risks are significantly reduced by basic pet hygiene practices, though. So, bring your best friend to weekly grooming sessions to ensure you and your pet remain healthy.

Final Thoughts

Hygiene and sanitation is a crucial part of being a dog owner. But with our increasingly busy lives, mundane tasks like grooming feel like a chore. Grooming our furry friends takes care and patience, especially if you have a quirky pup with too much energy to spare. Thankfully, dog grooming services offering professional care to keep your furry housemates groomed and clean are available. It’s a terrific resource for busy dog lovers out there!