• Expecting a baby?
  • Concerned about how your dog and baby will get along?
  • Want to make sure your dog isn’t left out when the baby comes?
  • Want to know the best way to introduce your new baby to your dog?

This program is for you! Helping Fido Welcome Your Baby is a complete home-study program that will help you introduce your dog and baby in the best possible way.

The secret to developing a great relationship between your dog and baby is preparation. In this innovative program you’ll learn what to do and how to prepare yourself and your dog for the new arrival.

In this 66 minute DVD you’ll learn –

  • Twenty common myths about kids and dogs
  • How to acclimate your dog to your baby weeks BEFORE the baby arrives
  • How to anticipate normal changes in your dog’s behavior and prepare for them
  • A step-by-step plan for introducing dog to baby on the day baby comes home
  • How to evaluate your dog for potential problems BEFORE they become problems
  • Nine common concerns that parents have about their dog and baby and how to address them
  • Nine warning signs of developing problems between your dog and baby

This DVD is a step-by-step guide to help pet parents who are about to be new parents evaluate their dog’s behavior and routines well before the baby arrives. By identifying potential problems and proactively taking steps to accustom your dog to different routines, baby equipment, sounds and odors as well as the presence of a small creature, new parents can keep baby safe while continuing to provide their dog with love and attention. Preparing your dog will reduce his stress to all the changes in the household and help him be happy to welcome the new baby. This is a 2 disc program – a DVD plus a Bonus CD with over 16 handouts, checklists, and plans for you to print out.

Included on the Bonus CD are –

  • An assessment questionnaire to help identify potential problems with your dog
  • A five-step plan to address almost any potential problem your dog may have
  • Specific recommendations about what to do with your dog when you feed your baby, change diapers and other common situations
  • A list of the behavioral needs of dogs
  • How to read the body language of your dog to identify stress, fear and threats
  • How to teach your dog to sit, lie down and stay
  • How to find a dog trainer or behavior consultant if you need more help
  • Many more checklists, plans and quizzes

Here’s what the professional medical educators are saying about the class that is the basis for this innovative program –

“Good relationships between children and pets do not just happen, they must be actively created and nurtured. The ‘Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby’ class Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep present at St. Anthony Hospital provides concerned parents with positive information and resources to help the new family.” Carole Zook, BSN, RN, Family Education Coordinator, St. Anthony Hospitals, Denver, Colorado

“Couples experiencing the birth of their first baby soon realize their pet is actually their first test of parenting. Couples in Childbirth Class are encouraged to attend ‘Introducing Your Dog To Your New Baby’ class to help them nurture good relationships between their children and pets through evidence-based training.” Brenda Nickells, RNC, BSN, CLE Family Education Clinical Coordinator, Littleton Aventist Hospital, Littleton, Colorado.

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