Adopting a dog is one of the best commitments you can make. Apart from saving a life, you’re providing more space for shelters to bring in more rescues. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your family or seeking a companion, adopting is the right call. Fortunately, San Francisco is home to multiple dog shelters and foster homes where you can find your new furry friend.

Your pet will appreciate its new home with you and your loved ones. That’s not all. You’ll also be part of a large network of animal shelter care specialists who’ll assist you every step of the way. Stick around to learn more about dog shelters in San Francisco.

1.   San Francisco SPCA

San Francisco SCPA dog shelter in San Francisco Bay area

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a community-supported non-profit organization established in 1868. It’s a highly renowned shelter with exceptional veterinary service. In other words, it’s the perfect spot to find your new best friend.

The community program offers mobile vaccine clinics, spay and neuter services, and veterinary clinics to cater to every furry friend’s needs.

Besides that, the SF SPCA offers a helpful resource to every new puppy or dog rescue owner. The handbooks provide extensive knowledge on every aspect of the adoption process. You’ll learn everything from setting up your home to accommodate the rescue to troubleshooting behavioral problems, like excessive barking.

2.   Rocket Dog Rescue

Rocket Dog Rescue dog shelter in San Francisco Bay area

Rocket Dog Rescue is a volunteer-led operation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Unlike some shelters that take in dogs and give them away within a few days, this rescue place does things differently.

Upon rescuing the pup or dog, it places them in foster care. They’ll first be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and treated for medical issues. Afterward, the temporary foster place will allow the dog to socialize with others of its kind. That way, the rescue will have a better chance of getting adopted.

Aside from these placements, Rocket Dog Rescue also hosts multiple events to promote adoption in areas like Lafayette and Mill Valley.

3.   Furry Friends Rescue

Furry Friends RescueFurry Friends Rescue dog shelter in San Francisco Bay area distinguishes itself with its various programs offered to rescue pets. One of these is the Sanctuary Home program. It primarily caters to rescues that went through a tougher journey.

The program asks others to provide a sanctuary home where these abandoned pets regain their health and flourish. The rescue organization also has a Miracle Club program that targets pets on the brink of being euthanized. The club aims to raise emergency funds for these pets to provide much-needed hospital and surgical care.

Programs aside, Furry Friends Rescue also offers site visitors a wealth of resources about related topics, like pet training, behavior, pet safety tips, and hiking spots for dog walks.

4.   Copper’s Dream Rescue

Coppers Dream Dog Rescue San Francisco dog shelter in San Francisco Bay areaWhile Copper’s Dream Rescue doesn’t have a physical shelter, their rescues reside in foster homes. Alternatively, you can choose to foster a pet for a short-term commitment and decide whether you want to adopt permanently.

The rescue organization can provide dogs that cater to most living conditions. You can foster a dog even if you work full-time or live in an apartment until they find their forever home. Regarding the adoption process, you just need to fill out an application, get in touch with a video call, meet in person, pay the adoption fee, and receive all necessary paperwork.

Copper’s Dream Rescue, like most other rescue programs, also provides online resources to keep you well-informed about re-homing or adopting a dog.

5.   Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

Bay Area German Shepard Rescue dog shelter in San Francisco Bay areaIf you have your heart set on owning a German Shepherd, this Bay Area rescue shelter is one of your best bets. The rescue team at Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue has specialized knowledge of the breed from owning, living, and training it. The German shepards going into the shelter undergo veterinary examination before being placed in foster care. During that time, expert volunteers observe the dog and give it the green light for adoption.

The adoption process is straightforward. You first fill out an application form. Then, the adoption counselors contact you to inquire further about your application. After approval, you get to choose your future good boy/girl.

You can browse for German shepherds of all ages, from puppies to senior dogs. Some dogs are well-trained in leash manners and cooperate well with other pets like cats.

6.   Love Dogs Rescue and Foundation

Love Dogs Rescue and Foundation dog shelter in San Francisco Bay areaLove Dogs Rescue and Foundation is exceptionally diligent when it comes to finding a rescue’s next family. They emphasize proper dog ownership by discussing requirements like ensuring the dog receives adequate care at home, in the car, or outside. They’ll extensively discuss the time and money needed to commit to a rescued dog. Once adopted, the care doesn’t stop there. The foundation will ensure you get resources to better assist your rescue.

7.   Muttville

Muttville San Francisco Bay Area dog shelter in San Francisco Bay areaMuttville is a non-profit that specializes in senior dog rescues. The organization recognizes that older dogs tend to rate low on the adoptability scale. Nonetheless, these dogs still have a lot of love to give in their twilight years.

If you want to give a senior dog a new forever home, fill in Muttville’s application form, meet the team, and finalize the adoption. In terms of payment, you can pay a one-time fee or choose to become a monthly donor to keep on giving.

8.   Family Dog Rescue

Family Dog Rescue dog shelter in San Francisco Bay areaFamily Dog Rescue is one of the most generous shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not only do they extend its helping hand to California street dogs, but they also help canines from Mexico, Guatemala, Korea, and Burma.

Apart from that, the shelter offers also runs several programs, including Gatepath, Loup Garou Animal Rescue, and FDR International. All of which aim to rescue lives. You can choose to adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate to the organization and be part of the charitable community.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a dog is a life-changing experience for both parties. The dog will develop a deep bond with you and be eternally grateful for your care and love. You can choose between multiple shelters and foster care homes in San Francisco to find your next buddy—no matter their shape, size, breed, or medical condition.