Dog Counter Conditioning Training CourseThe most progressive and effective behaviorists, behavior consultants, and trainers focus on replacing problem behaviors with good behavior. “Discipline” or punishment cannot teach your dog what you want him to do – to do that you must find ways to bring out and reward good behavior. Counter conditioning and desensitization are the cornerstone techniques professionals use to modify pet behavior. These are powerful procedures that pet owners are rarely given the opportunity to learn about without professional help.

Now you can discover what these techniques are, what problems they are most useful for, and the specifics of how you can use them to change your dog’s behavior. You’ll find this DVD set full of fascinating information you won’t find in popular, non-scientific dog training books.

Listen to Drs. Hetts and Estep explain what these techniques are and give examples of how they are used with not only serious problems such as fearful and aggressive behaviors but how specific kinds of counter conditioning can be used to deal with annoying problems such as jumping on visitors, pestering behaviors, and more. Comes with complete notes you can print for reference.

This DVD is the recording of a telecourse on classical and operant counter conditioning, and desensitization. Feedback from course participants include:

Feedback from participants include:

“……a great class!” “Thanks for..the scientific research and not just ‘sounds good theories.”

“I liked the course and course notes very much, and will be taking courses
with you again.”

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