Resources for dog and puppy caretakers

To help make raising your dog easier, we’ve compiled the list of resources below. While we’ve done our best to research the providers on this list, every pet is different which is why this is intended to be a starting point to discover helpful solutions and providers.


Chewy Dog Discount Image



Chewy is one of the internet’s largest internet pet supply retailers is a one-stop-shop for the supplies that puppy, dog, and owners of general pets need to deliver an exceptional level of care. In addition to their wide selection of dog foods and toys, Chewy also has a pet pharmacy and frequently offers discounts and promotions.



Rover Dog Walking Pet Sitting Services



Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to fit exercise into your schedule, but if your schedule doesn’t allow for long walks, check out Rover. They’re an online platform that enables you to easily find professsional dog walkers, and pet sitters. You can even earn extra money by taking care of others’ pets.





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