The holidays are right around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas gift list. One thing that every dog owner enjoys, besides shopping for their human family, is thinking about what they should pick for their furry family.

Whether dogs have been naughty or nice throughout the year, they always deserve a surprise and you don’t need to spend a bunch of money on it if you don’t want to. There are so many options to choose from and, in this post, we have some great Christmas gifts for dogs you can choose from.

1. Automatic ball launcher

For dogs that love to play fetch and can’t get enough of it, an automatic ball launcher can be the ideal gift. Although it takes some learning, it can easily replace your job at throwing the ball over and over again without you needing to worry and be able to do other things while your dog is living its best life.

All your dog will need to do is simply drop the ball on top of the ball launcher and, seconds later, the ball will fire out for your dog to fetch it. There are different size versions for different size dogs.

However, this gift can be a little bit on the expensive side. If don’t want to spend that much money but still want to make it easier for you to play fetch with your dog, another option is a ball thrower.

Although the ball thrower won’t replace you on a game o fetch, it can definitely make it easier as it gives your arm a break while still allowing you to throw the ball to much further distances. Besides, this thrower also lets you scoop up the ball so you’ll never have to touch it or bend down to pick it up.

2. Heated dog bed

A heated dog bed is a perfect gift for senior dogs and puppies that have a hard time keeping themselves warm during the winter. Besides helping dogs stay warm, it can also help soothe the pain for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, circulation issues, spinal injuries, or other conditions that may affect their joints. There are many different types of heated dog beds but a great option is one just like this that has a thermostatically controlled heater that can keep your dog warm all year-round and can be removed whenever its required.


3. Interactive and puzzle toys

One thing every dog needs is physical and mental exercise and the best way to provide that to your dog is with interactive and puzzle toys. These toys can either be simple and inexpensive or a bit more high-tech. An example of a high-tech toy is the Wickedbone Smart Bone which is a smart dog bone on wheels. It can either keep your dog entertained by itself if you select the “auto-play” mode. This way, the bone will react to your dog’s movements. Or you can select the “drive” mode and control it with a virtual joystick on your phone.

A lower-cost version of a puzzle and interactive toy is a food dispensing dog ball which you can fill up with tasty treats and set on the floor for your dog to play with. Your dog will have to push it around for it to release the treats and this will keep your dog busy for hours. Food dispensing toys are great for high-energy dogs that get easily bored and are highly motivated by food. They also provide great mental exercise as they learn how to roll the ball to get the treats out.

4. Swimming pool

If your dog loves to splash in the water and, although you have some space outdoors, you don’t have a pool and don’t live near a beach or a lake, a foldable plastic swimming pool is the perfect gift. A foldable pool is a great option as it can simply be folded and easily stored when you don’t want to use it or carry it with you when you’re on the road.

5. Calming diffuser kit

There are some dogs that are more susceptible to stress and can have a hard time dealing with fireworks, unfamiliar house guests, or separation anxiety. For these dogs, a calming diffuser kit may be just what they need to relieve their anxiety. This diffuser helps dogs feel calm and comfortable by mimicking their mother’s natural nursing pheromones. It uses a drug-free solution and the link provided in this post is for the 30-day started kit which is great for you to try out and see if it helps your dog.

6. Shower attachment

Most dogs aren’t huge fans of taking baths. And although there still isn’t a product that can change that, there are some shower attachments that can make bath time a lot easier for you and your dog. A great example of a product like this is this dog bath brush which is a sprayer and scrubber, all in one tool. It helps you rinse and brush your dog at the same time to speed up bath time.

A great feature of the bath brush is the mechanism that lets you turn the water on and off with one hand, leaving your other hand free to secure and soothe your dog. It comes with adapters to fit a shower spigot or garden hose, making it easy to bathe your dog wherever you want.


7. Treat bundle

What dog doesn’t love a good treat? And what about a whole bunch of different treats? Treat bundles are a simple and fun Christmas gift idea that any dog would love to get. You can either create the bundle yourself or buy an already prepared dog supply gift basket that contains high-quality and all-natural treats.

This gift basket includes pressed rawhide bones, crunchy dog biscuits, jumbo bully sticks, freeze-dried cheddar cheese pet food mixer, and even a tennis ball. All the treats are grain-free and 100% digestible.

Making sense of it all

From high-energy dogs to senior dogs that need extra help staying warm, there is no shortage of gift ideas. It all depends on what you know your dog likes or needs the most. But, the truth is that it doesn’t matter what you get your dog this Christmas. All that matters for your dog is that you are together. That’s all your dog wants, even more than a tasty treat bundle!